Our Services

The products that we developed have changed who we are: all-set to take on new challenges.

Product Development

Our product development has been primarily web-based. The infrastructure of the web has been undergoing changes with machine learning, artificial intelligence, meta data analysis of networks in the web. The updating of the technical requirements and the new dynamics through which teams can actively interact and work together has transformed the quality of work. The on-time transformation of end-user requirements into an evolving product has thrown new challenges of planning and execution for team-work -- to understand the limits of the past and be ready to meet the present.



We gear up for new challenges at this initial phase of product development. When the product road-map is still around, we spent the maximum time in understanding the entirety of the business needs. We work towards an optimal business model that would benefit the client with a cost-effective, on-time and, a quality output. We go through a cycle of detailed analysis of each product as a new challenge and, we build each one of them from the scratch. We horn our skills to meet the new challenges and regroup for the betterment.



Once we agree upon the client demands that the product is expected to meet, we move on to gather information and start documenting them through our product backlog. Our plan for the upcoming milestone release would decide the requirements for the first phase of the development.

The requirements would be from client's meetings, in-depth analysis of available documents, marketing feedback, competitors' products etc. We document the requirements and come up with 'story points' to determine the efforts needed for developing each one of them. The product backlog will have high-level description of each requirement, its priority, estimation and release plan.

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Business Analysis

We do extensive research and document each finding. Before we start development, we discuss and present a product's idea to the entire team. This gives a heads-up to the entire team. Once the module under development is conceived thoroughly by everybody, mock-ups will be created and shared across the entire team. We make sure Agile spirit is followed while developing a mock-up for development. Business Analysts lead this exercise and make sure everyone gets the idea of what is being developed.



We develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to give a heads-up on end-result. The stakeholders could make better decision on changes. We get feedback from marketing team too. We understand the market realistically and can accommodate changes for the stakeholders before we go ahead with full-fledged development.

As a startup, MVP helps a great deal in achieving our targets without budget constraint.



We give utmost importance to user experience. We don't ever compromise on UI and UX.

Our vast experience in handling web-based products, the essence of Agile to respond to user queries, our innate best practices have led to a flow of product development enriching user experience at the highest level.



Our development is made manageable with targets for each member and each day. With the dev-plan in place, the coding is standardized by naming conventions that are entirely unique. The coding is reviewed for precision and bare-minimum enabling future enhancements of the product. The coded functionality is run as an internal demo before the team to ensure stable build before dev-release. The dev-release would thus be ready for testing of all the intended functions.

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Quality Assurance

Our Testing Center of Excellence takes care of entire testing activity under one umbrella. We have experts in each field of testing who can contribute seamlessly across all the product requirements. Since we involve testers at the very early stage of development, the test preparations start early and we achieve a better test coverage.

Our best practices ensure a transparent testing process.

We have come up with a unique 'All hands Testing' concept involving everyone in the team for testing.

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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing efforts implement SEO best practices from the scratch in building a website. This ensures our sites are extremely search-engine friendly and at par with competitors. We continue these efforts on a very frequent basis to be always on the top of SERP results.

The home site is the primary site for potential users. This is the key information center about the product for visitor.

We track visitors through Google Analytics and make periodic changes based on A/B testing. We update this site as and when we bring new changes/enhancements to the application. Visitors thus get all updates about a product.

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Customer Support

Services of our web-based products depend on live interaction during the engagement of the user. Once the user has provided the necessary inputs, we complete the required service through back-end operations. Sometimes we complete part of a user-demand from the back-end for the user to proceed further. At other times, the entire user-demand has to be completed from the back-end with the input of raw data. We take care of the different dimensions of customer support as part and parcel of the development of a product for the end-user.



As the engagement of the end-users with each of our product gradually move up, our back-end operations for completion can fall short. This would necessitate automation of the standard operations in the back-end. We have built the back-end operations for completion of the services of each of our product with automation on the horizon. We have thus moved scalability beyond the expansion of resources to the preciseness in wiring the components of the back-end of a product for automation.



We use proven technologies and processes to safeguard the data. Security is implemented in multiple layers using different types of protocols and techniques.

We assess our partner system’s security measures to thwart any possible security breakdowns.

We understand that there can’t be absolute security as data must be moved and used as the application demands. That is why we have rules and processes to deal with any security breaches.