Our Company

Our Philosophy

All the dimensions of the product cannot be pre-determined; each development process could be split up into predictable outcome.
All the skills of the team for a product cannot be pre-set; numerous interactions within and without would make the team self-organize for a completely new challenge.
All the potentialities of user-experience cannot be pre-fixed; each new user can change the dimensions of the product in unthought-of ways

A shippable component of a product, a team self-organizing and an user-to-be-enriched have to be wired flexibly in order to accommodate emerging inputs for change

Voice of the Founder

With the state-of-the-art product development methodology, the real challenge is to pick up a product for development that would be considered completely impossible for the skills of a team. The product to be developed is split up into components that members of the team would relate with from their existing experiences in development (of other products). To arrive at the uniqueness of the product in development, the spirit of the team is enlivened to make members go beyond their existing experiences. To complete the product world-class, the members are creatively critiqued through inputs from multi-channels to own up their uniqueness and be world-class. To offer users world-class experience, you require both the team and the product to be world-class.


With new products and new skills for handling each product, the timeline of Span could never be linear. It moved to take on challenges that keeps every team's toes on. It grew in directions of knowledge sharing and social commitment. And the stories grow more interesting each day...

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