Our Team

The intricacies in the development of a product is dependent on the flexibility in the skills of its leaders to manage uncertainties creatively. Creativity doesn't flow from setting up the goal for each day, for each member of the team. It flows in tuning responsibility to envision the whole of the product through the part one is responsible for. Each of the teams, each member of the team would see each step as a step towards a whole rather than as an end in itself. That requires preciseness of each step as well as its hyperlink to the developing whole.

A snapshot of people creatively leading the development of products...

Naga Palanisamy
Chairman and CEO

A gold medalist from ​CIT, Coimbatore, he also holds post graduate degree from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. In addition, he is a Project Management Professional and a Certified Scrum Master. With over 22 years of experience as a technocrat and a serial entrepreneur in the IT industry, he is the CEO of SPAN Technology Services Pvt Ltd.

He is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SecondBrick Ventures, a collection of successful investors and business leaders whose passion is helping entrepreneurs realize and execute their ideas.

He is also Co-Founder and CTO of Carolina Tech Angels, USA. ​Earlier he has founded many IT companies and worked for major companies such as TCS, IBM, KPMG​,​ BearingPoint​ and H & R Block USA.

His passions are Software Development Methodologies, tech start-ups and mentoring the next generation.

Sanjeev Thazhathaveetil
Managing Director

With a post-graduate in Engineering, he started his career in Mainframe Programming and the early years of Web Development. With two decades of experience in project management, financial management, tax, and transportation, he has been with SPAN for more than a decade associated with all the products apart from managing finance and accounts.

Beginning his day at 4.00 am running with a group of avid runners (Velachery Dreamers), his work at SPAN keeps him engaged all day. On weekends, he inspires kids in his community on physical fitness, plays soccer with youngsters and spends his leisure time watching tv and catching some sleep.

Ravi Perumal
VP - Excise & Payroll Tax

With graduation in engineering and specialization in .Net, he has been associated with SPAN for more than a decade meeting various product development challenges. From .Net to API, he has come a long way in becoming part of the core architects of SPAN.

Starting his career as a hardware engineer, he soon became a .net programmer. Since then programming has been his passion. He worked as an on-site project coordinator in the US for a couple of years and managed tax and business management projects. He has led multiple software projects throughout the career

He spends his leisure time playing with his sons. Reading books has been his favorite hobby.

Prasad Vemala
VP - Corporate Tax

With graduation in information technology & specialization in Microsoft Dotnet, has been associated for more than a decade @ SPAN in leading various product development challenges.

His 15+ years of experience in IT Service began with Developing, leading a Module, leading a Project, managing a Project and is currently that of a VP. The eagerness to learn new things, getting deep into the technology, wonderful colleagues and encouraging mentors took him to this position.

SPAN excited him enough to bring the best out of him. He has been ready for any challenging assignments.

He is grateful to his mother for being his greatest inspiration behind every success.

He enjoys riding his Royal Enfield (bullet), loves to watch dance shows and listening to fast beat music.

Anand Gururaj

With a post-graduation in computer applications and more than a decade experience @ SPAN, has been qualitatively challenging all the products developed.

A software tester with a passion to understand quality beyond bugs. Pooling together a testing center of excellence to make testing a holistic process. Digital marketing enthusiast with a love to uncover marketing myths to bring to products better organic results.

He loves reading books, gets absorbed by the game of Chess and is part of music while listening to it.

Peter Yengaran S
VP - Non Profits

With graduation in engineering and specialization in ASP, JSP, he later moved to Microsoft Visual Studio and, in spite of version changes, kept his passion alive for software right from his academic projects.

He moved to the agile methodology to plan, implement and execute development for a decade @ SPAN and associating with various products. (His screen mockups using MS-PAINT still bring in smiles in the team).

He is both a mentor and play-mate for his kids and spends his off-time in church and social activities, playing cricket and listening to music at high pitch.

Prabhu N
Head Creatives

With graduation in engineering and a decade @ SPAN, has been associated with all the products developed.

He observes everything that comes across his day-to-day life and designs them in his own way.

He takes inspiration from everything good around. He also finds ways to improve flaws in the design around him. He’s passionate about creating something new and really enjoys giving life to a website

He loves automobiles and is passionate about driving vehicles. He spends his leisure time playing carrom and watching TV.