HOW WE ARE Different

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Our Experience

Product Development is all about creating a stable workable system from the seemingly unknown and invisible objects. It is possible only when we completely understand all the components of the system and follow successful processes in the highest form of discipline. We have over a decade of experience in handling various product development and converting them into fully functional systems.

Our success model revolves around three principles. Technology. Domain. And, Process. We give importance to these three aspects of developing any product. We are up to date and follow the best practices, train resources, and horn their skills to remain at the top of the technology. We learn the domain, train everyone and keep updating throughout the product life-cycle. We follow Agile Methodology and have our own unique process fitting our requirements.

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Our Technology

We are passionate about what we do. Technology is our strength and we build everything around it. We have a continuous learning program and encourage everyone in the team to be up to date. Whether it is Amazon Cloud, .Net framework, Log shipping in SQL Server, Angular JSON, or Automation Testing, we have a core team that translates this knowledge across the company and challenges them continuously.

In embracing technology we have surpassed the goals that we set for ourselves! We keep an eye on each version change that happens across the software/tool and update them relentlessly. We don't use any of the existing code bases when we create something new. We completely build from the ground up in creating anything new.

Our goal is to stay relevant. Relevant to the technology needs of our clients. We are determined to serve our clients better.

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Our reputation

We redefined product development with our unique approach. Our product development life-cycle is robust and complete. We never compromise on the quality and pay utmost attention to user satisfaction.

The products we created have empowered users to take care of services themselves, and, with mobile devices that are part of their everyday lives.

Clients were happy with our highly friendly user-interfaces and the great user experiences that we offered.

User empowerment has kept us on toes in redefining our reputation in new ways for the new challenges. And, we are ready!

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Our results

We have been successful in meeting quite challenging user requirements. The web usage has undergone changes over the period along with the devices, platforms and other technical constraints. Our challenge has been more than ever to accomplish all the user needs within the budget, scope, quality and time. It would not have been possible without our disciplined processes, approaches, and methods. The products we created were used by millions of people and remain at the top among the competitors.

The experience of users has put us on track and triggered to discover new possibilities. Our passion to program the future is driving us forward. Our journey has just begun...

Our Process

And we build a product right from the scratch, working its technical parameters, fixing stages of its evolution through a flexible architecture, giving life to each function through code, testing the emerging functionality thoroughly, improving the demo in micro-details for the launch of version 1.0, taking care of the support and digital marketing all along...

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Our Expertise


Simulating Tax Forms with User Interaction

Interacting with end-users and making them upload their data in flexible ways; accurately mapping the uploaded data to the tax forms they intend to e-file and e-pay...

Organizing Business Flows for Compliance

Computing employees' income & withholding, proportionately adding employer contributions to arrive at scheduled payments & filings through financial gateways and secure form uploading...

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Heavy Vehicle Road-img

Heavy Vehicle Road- & Fuel-Use Management

Generating tax forms for road and fuel use of heavy vehicles through flexible data upload & e-payments led to organizing the trips of heavy vehicles of a business through the year...

Pioneer in API Technology for Tax Domains

To facilitate the use of the web services of e-filing and e-payments in one platform when another platform securely networks with it...

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Udhavum Nanbargal

Networking with Udhavum Nanbargal Enriching their Village

Our support for Udhavum Nanbargal began with an unplanned visit with its founder Sarathy. The commitment to bring out a holistic, self-sustaining development to the Edapalayam village (Alathur Panchayat, Palavedu Post, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600055) and its people inspired us to be part of the process in every possible way -- voluntary contributions: personally and as a group, networking the Trust through a website with people who are in the look-out for such exceptional commitment, training a computer-skilled homeless ward under their care through our designing team etc. The evolving, mutually-enriching relationship has kept alive questions of ethics in our technically-oriented selves about how we could live socially-sensitive in our daily lives...