“We are in search of people who can push us to be better, who are zealous and better than us, and who make us better each day!”

-Naga Palanisamy


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See Why You Should Choose SPAN Technology.

We aim to provide a positive employee experience with a purposeful & rewarding career and work
environment that fosters a sense of Belonging that everyone is eager for each new day.

We believe every person deserves the right job.

Workplace Goals Unlocked - Great team, Great Vibes!.

Be part of an environment tailored to shape your success.

Staying true to our employee-first culture, we focus on ensuring a positive experience at work for everyone at SPAN, no matter who they are and what they do! Intended to create a sense of belonging through employee engagement, we embrace Authentic Feedback and Meaningful Recognition.

Furthermore, our partnership with Gallup is steering us towards Quality-centric work. Gallup’s Q12 survey is beginning to impact our employee engagement levels positively. Each individual is committed to consistent contributions, knowing their purpose as a team member.


Mastering the Art of Excellence!.

Soar higher and higher with boundless learning.

SPAN is an excellent place where you can do your best work and shape your career.

We pride ourselves on being an employee-centric organization and provide opportunities to grow and excel in your career and beyond.

To achieve this, we enforce a vigorous training culture with learning credits, offering the necessary training to hone your skills through professional training programs, online courses, and excellent mentorship from industry professionals.

Also, equipping managers and mentoring peers are a part of our programs that have always helped shape our work culture.

We Recognize The Right Talent.

SPAN wants to make sure that we have the right people to do the right job!

Talent Density - We look for New hires to be zealous and better than us. SPAN believes that the continuous growth of individuals helps in exceeding the benchmarks of teamwork to become a dream team.

Talent Recognition - SPAN would like to continue valuing employee efforts and recognize them in a meaningful and authentic way, even for small differences they put across in their daily routine by Peers, Managers, and the company.

Through a well-defined performance management system, we ensure that everyone clearly understands what is expected of them at work

We Recognize The Right Ta

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Who We Are Looking For?.

"People who can demonstrate individual brilliance and be great team player too."

An attitude of constantly giving your best is what SPAN looks for. Going above and beyond the threshold in being the best in what you do. “Together, we make a difference in the life of a Customer Experience.”

Candor and feedback are the heart of our culture. We look forward to people who would fit in our culture and add value to the existing team. We continuously work together to improve ourselves and prove ourselves to be a Dream Team.

‘We hire the best, we train the best, and we retain the best!’

Interview Process.

We look forward to Thoughtful thinkers who just want to make things better each day!

Acquire exceptional talents through an exceptional recruitment process

Step 1

Explore Opportunities

Step 1

Explore Opportunities

Submit your application for the roles that fit your profile.

Step 2

Prove Yourself

Step 2

Prove Yourself

Once shortlisted, showcase your skills and proficiency in our tailored assessments.

Step 3

Meet Our Team

Step 3

Meet Our Team

Be part of an engaging face-to-face interview with our leadership team.

Explore Opportunities to unlock your Potential!.


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