Our Culture

We grow with intention and act with integrity.

Our Promises to our Employees

At Span Technology, we strongly believe in our employees as they are the reason behind all our success. So we are happy to empathize with our employees and put employee-first work culture in place.

We provide our employees with a growth-oriented work environment with equal career advancement and personal growth opportunities. We believe in taking care of our employees; check out some of the amenities you will receive after joining the team.

  • We’re at the top of our industry because we believe that our employees are the best investment we can make.
  • Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude we give to our customers.
  • Ideas come first. We always encourage employees to come up with ideas. If you feel inspired by a new idea, our team loves to hear about it.
  • We often hear from our employees about things that need to be primarily improved upon and work on those based on priority.
  • We help employees improve their skills by providing various KT sessions, training programs, online career development courses, and exceptional mentorship from industry professionals.
  • We’re always up for fun, and if we can get out of the office and have fun together, all the better. Our fun Friday events and birthday celebrations make for great memories.

With all these benefits, we help our employees live their lives to the best and feel their growth both professionally and personally.


Hear from our Employees


Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to make Span Technology Services a great place to work for our employees.

This mission of SPAN plays a crucial role in how the employees make important decisions about the products that we develop for our customers. We then provide life to that vision by delivering robust and world-class products that are relevant and accessible to all.


SPAN is where employees thrive and create high-quality products that consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

As a SPAN employee, you will be part of a company whose mission is clear—to change outcomes for organizations worldwide that use our flagship products.

Our Core Values

At Span Technology Services, we live by our core values. We believe the company’s core values should create a belief among the people, and on the 10th anniversary of Span, the core values were introduced.

Our core values are very distinctive and created a framework among our people. This put us how we handle everything, our interactions with employees, and how we empathize with customers.

We think these core values are more than just a word and way of life in Span. Our processes and strategies will change as we grow, but not our core values.


High Octane and Zealous Employees


Obsession to improve customer experience


Technology is everything to us


Operational Excellence is Sacrosanct


with integrity

Here is how we define our culture in SPAN


Everyone understands why their work matters

Trust & Transparency
Trust & Transparency

Values are practiced through out the organization

Eliminate Waste
Eliminate Waste

Everything we do provide real values to the customer

Match the strength
Match the strength

Match roles with Passion and Capabilities

Empowered Employees
Empowered Employees

Teams grow and flourish without dependency of Individual leaders

Growth as motivation
Growth as motivation

Results and goals are achieved as projected and planned

Here is how our employee first approach, core values, and culture, impacted our employees

It’s the way people feel about the work they do, the values they believe in, where they see the company going and what they’re doing to get it there.

  • Our employees share a great camaraderie and celebrate success together
  • Our employees empower each other, take risks, face challenges and grow together
  • Our employees empathize with our customers and provide a quick, sustainable solution
  • Our employees embrace, adapt and evolve with the new and upcoming technology
  • Our employees continuously seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance
  • our employees' plan, prioritize, iterate, scale & give continuous improvement based on feedback
  • our employees have a commitment to quality deliverables on time – every time!
  • Our employees feel proud of what they work for because they work in a company where a culture of appreciation and recognition always comes first

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A day in Life of SPAN

At SPAN Technology, Our people love to plan, and execute their daily routines in a smart and efficient way.

Explore more about how a day in a SPAN Technology will be!

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